Make Your Payment

Follow the steps below to make your payment. we will guide you through the simple process of payment for your subscription or renewal. (You’ll find a video tutorial at the bottom of this page for more assistance.)

Step 1:

Go to:

Step 2:

In the first field, type the price of your subscription.

3 Months: $40 USD
6 Months: $60 USD
12 Months: $100 USD

Step 3:

In the 2nd field, replace “BTC” with “USDT TRC-20

Step 4:
Copy this Wallet address and paste it into the page that comes next.

Web Page

USDT TRC-20 Wallet Address

Step 5:

Select your preferred method of payment and continue the payment process as usual, After the email verification you’ll be redirected to the payment page, Make your payment and send us a screenshot of the payment confirmation.

Video Tutorial